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My efforts have garnered me several recognitions, promotions, awards, and accolades throughout the years from managers, peers, & customers. Here are just some of them. References available upon request.

"I greatly enjoy working with Audie. He is a highly energetic and productive employee. He has deep expertise of web properties, branding standards and graphic design.

Audie is a hardworking employee who can take on even the most challenging projects. He understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise. He has managed several projects and teams with very successful results."

Brandeen R.

Social & Digital Marketing Program Manager , HP, Inc.

I cannot say enough great things about working with Audie. He is hands down one of the most talented people I have ever worked with and I am constantly in awe of his creativity and dedication to innovation.

Audie is committed to providing the best designs, and more importantly the best user experience for your marketing audiences. When Audie presents his designs he always has very thoughtful reasons for his recommendations which leverage industry best practices, experience, and input from the end-user. And sometimes designers can be very attached to their ideas and don’t receive feedback well .. this is NOT the case with Audie. He is open to feedback, hearing everyone’s perspective and being flexible to provide the best end-result. Audie is extremely talented and someone I will actively try to work with again in my career.”

Rachel R.

Marketing Operations Manager, Glassdoor

Audie is the complete package – an exceptionally talented designer, a creative problem solver and a true leader.

Audie is able to juggle input from multiple departments to produce end deliverables that meet the needs of each group and exceed expectations in terms of performance. When presented with a challenge Audie works to quickly resolve issues and move ahead with executing a plan of attack. Those around Audie look to him for guidance and motivation, and I have learned a lot from his process and how he addresses design challenges. Audie builds strong channels of communication across departments and through this is able to tackle projects that impact a large segment of the business. I was lucky to have seen Audie’s impact first hand at HP, and I know he’d be a valuable asset for any company requiring a strong design leader.”

Nicole B.

CMO, Wilson Electronics

"Audie, Instant Ink is live today! I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts to refine and perfect our landing page.

Throughout the process you were patient, supportive, and your attention to detail was over the top. Thanks for being an amazing team player and ensuring that we delivered a top quality page."

Terri F.

eCommerce Product & Merchandising Manager, HP, Inc.

Audie is one of the most organized, logical and creative thinkers that I have had the pleasure to work with.

He is fantastic partner, always nimble, effective and quick to react in an ever-changing business environment, and has always been a source of solid and constant performance.”

Kate S.

Sr. Retention Manager, HP, Inc.

"Thank you Audie for your relentless efforts for (project name redacted). It couldn't have been done without your support or the quality of work that you provided.

For the steps and processes that you knew well, you gave valuable guidance; and for the times when neither you nor I knew what to do, i.e. the analytics tagging issue, you helped get the right people aligned so that we were finally able to resolve it. The microsite is looking fantastic! Thanks very much!!"

Tamara N.

Marketing Operations Manager, HP, Inc.

"Over the past 6 years I have come to know and appreciate Audie Roldan. When it comes to the title of "Webmaster" Audie brings a special meaning and appreciation to the art of using the web to convey ideas and programs.

His knowledge and his talent have been extremely useful in making Tranax the benchmark of the industry in web development and design.

Audie thinks like a salesman, has the knowledge of an engineer, and the creativity of an artist. The complete package for taking the web and maximizing the use of the web for the betterment of any business.

Tranax will miss his spark, enthusiasm, and expertise in all levels of marketing that utilizes today's tools to convey a company's message."

Bill D.

VP of Sales, Tranax Technologies, Inc.

Audie is an extremely strong contributor, designer, and leader. He shows tremendous initiative and is always three steps ahead of everyone.

Audie’s design sense is very strong. He is extremely dependable and reliable, and this feedback comes consistently from all sides. In short, Audie is one of the strongest individuals I’ve had the pleasure to manage and one of the strongest in our broader organization. His contributions are too many to name and he continues to set the bar. 


Catherine P.

Sr. Director - Digital Marketing, HP, Inc.

“Audie has been an inspiration to the team in trying to make improvements both on the website and in their daily workflow.

He is constantly trying to figure out how to streamline processes and build a better experience for the customer. Overall Audie is cited for his ‘can-do’ attitude, creativity and new ideas. 


Greg N.

Senior Manager, HP, Inc.

"Audie, Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit (one of our customers). I talked with their Sales Department, Service Department, Accounting, and Upper Management. Each department had their own questions, compliments, and concerns. But one thing that was consistent throughout was their appreciation of our website. Repeatedly I heard how much they love working with us because our website is so efficient and resourceful!

And that our primary competitor is strides behind us in web efficiency and ease of doing business. "

Malissa M.

Senior Sales Manager, Tranax Technologies, Inc.

Audie is an integral member of the web marketing team. His strong desire to continuously improve design and site processes keep everyone on their toes. He goes above and beyond his daily responsibilities by not only asking the questions, but finding solutions to them.

His designs are creative and eye-catching and technical skills are sound. Audie’s enthusiasm is contagious and has inspired his co-workers.”


Mabelle A.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Adobe, Inc.

“This past year Audie has lead a number of unprecedented design projects that ensured HP presented a standard brand image in web experiences and took our web marketing efforts to a new level.

Notable projects: Audie has lead the HHO whitewash conversion, the ecommerce platform transition and the Microsoft Bluebird microsite which provided HP with an additional ($ value redacted) in partner funding. 


Nicole B.

Senior Manager, HP, Inc.

"It looks fantastic. I would put that site up against any big company site in the healthcare space.

Truly top notch work.  "

Nick S.

Senior ManagerDirector of Outside App Sales, Sikka Software Corporation

"This is a tremendous improvement over the old version.

It should be an example of what and how we doing. Thanks."

Hansup K.

CEO, Tranax Technologies, Inc.

"Audie, Thanks for your quick attention to my request. You are probably the fastest gun in the West. Also, you were the best "Presenter" at the past conference.

You were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and you enjoyed sharing your hard work with those at the Conference. You and your new Web changes were the hi-light of the conference-----Keep up the outstanding work."

Phil S.

Customer, -

 Working with Audie Roldan at Tranax Technologies, Inc. will always be one of the high points in my professional career. From the day I met him I was captured by his enthusiasm as well as his tremendous work ethic.

Audie’s title of Web Development Manager only displays the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what he offers as an employee. I was privileged enough to work with Audie on a daily basis, his attention to detail, creativity and knowledge were contagious to those of us fortunate enough to work with him.”

Charles F.

Marcom Manager, Tranax Technologies, Inc.

“You have been an incredible partner working to combine both the business priorities and needs with the highest brand standards.

Thank you very much for all the great work and support.”

Luciana P.

Brand Identity Manager, HP, Inc.

” Congrats Audie!l So glad I have been able to work with you over the past several years and hope there will be many more to come! You are a talented individual and our team enjoys working with you on a daily basis!”

Chelsey B.

Merchandising Manager, HP, Inc.

Audie is a ROCKSTAR and is the most valuable asset on the design team He comes up with brilliant designs and concepts.

He is truly a team player, never hesitates to jump in and help, and is an all around great leader. I can ALWAYS count on Audie for everything.

Anonymous Peer

Performance Review, HP, Inc.

Audie is the type of person that goes above and beyond with his work.

He has a great design eye and doesn’t just do what is asked, he will put his own thoughts and ideas into place to make the project or end result even better. 

Anonymous Peer

Performance Review, HP, Inc.

Audie’s greatest strengths are that he is very talented with his work. He is great to work with and very responsive to the needs/requests from our team and the store.

He is the type of person that people enjoy working with because although under stress, he still has a great attitude and is someone you always want to be able to work with on projects. Overall Audie is a well rounded, positive individual and an asset to the team. 

Anonymous Peer

Performance Review, HP, Inc.

 Audie is always generating new ideas to improve processes and the way we do things. He is never short of a great idea!

He explores all possibilities and is able to communicate pros/cons of each effectively. He is willing to go out of the box and is open to feedback. 

Anonymous Peer

Performance Review, HP, Inc.

Congratulations! You’ve found that “Diamond in the Rough” that many in our industry have only dreamed of finding.

Ona Stewart

Senior Sales Manager, Why Not Creations, Inc.

Audie is extremely reactive, proactive and is always one step ahead of the game. Very much appreciated – we need a duplicate of him!

Anonymous Peer

Performance Review, HP, Inc.

Audie has been an outstanding performer, which was reflected in his recent promotion and salary increase. Audie went above and beyond this year by filling the gap after his team manager left and addressing store campaign planning needs and with the Atlas store launch.

Audie has many strengths to leverage – leadership, creativity, teamwork, and the list goes on. Audie brings a very customer-centric perspective to his creative and design, and is very insightful about how a customer might react and interact with certain types of messaging/layouts/navigations, etc.”


Nicole B.

Supervisor, HP, Inc.

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