Site Redesign

Project summary

Tasks: Web Design, Web Development, Visual Design, UI/UX, Iconography
Client: Tranax Technologies, inc.
Year: 2007


Tranax’s legacy website featured a seemingly static site that never took into account the company’s style, business model, and image. As a top player in the industry, they needed something that was both cutting-edge yet maintain a corporate feel similar to that of big Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Dell.

Tranax’s original site.


With years of work, the Tranax website has consistently surpassed its competitors and was hailed as one of the best looking and functional website in the industry at the time.

What folks from Tranax Technologies, Inc. said:

"This is a tremendous improvement over the old version.

It should be an example of what and how we doing. Thanks."

Hansup K.

CEO, Tranax Technologies, Inc.

"Audie, Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit (one of our customers). I talked with their Sales Department, Service Department, Accounting, and Upper Management. Each department had their own questions, compliments, and concerns. But one thing that was consistent throughout was their appreciation of our website. Repeatedly I heard how much they love working with us because our website is so efficient and resourceful!

And that our primary competitor is strides behind us in web efficiency and ease of doing business. "

Malissa M.

Senior Sales Manager, Tranax Technologies, Inc.

"Over the past 6 years I have come to know and appreciate Audie Roldan. When it comes to the title of "Webmaster" Audie brings a special meaning and appreciation to the art of using the web to convey ideas and programs.

His knowledge and his talent have been extremely useful in making Tranax the benchmark of the industry in web development and design.

Audie thinks like a salesman, has the knowledge of an engineer, and the creativity of an artist. The complete package for taking the web and maximizing the use of the web for the betterment of any business.

Tranax will miss his spark, enthusiasm, and expertise in all levels of marketing that utilizes today's tools to convey a company's message."

Bill D.

VP of Sales, Tranax Technologies, Inc.

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