Site Redesign

Project summary

Tasks: UI/UX Design, Creative Direction
Client: Sikka Software Corporation
Year: 2015


Sikka Software is an innovative, cloud-based tech company in the middle of Silicon Valley and yet, up until recently, you wouldn’t have been able to tell by looking at their corporate site.

From the very beginning, it was obvious that the site needed a lot of help.

The challenge

The site did not do its brand justice. Not only did it look very dated, it was not very intuitive, content was fragmented and often unstructured, there was no unified messaging or clear path for their various audience types to find information quickly.

Analytics later revealed massive attrition and bounce rates because it was clear the audience did not find the site compelling and confusing. What’s more, this was impacting how the company was perceived and was a factor in attracting talent.


In just 2 months, I lead the complete redesign & successful launch of the corporate site, working alongside senior management, copywriters, design agency, designers, as well as interacted with every company employee.

Immediately after launch, it was hailed across the company, its partners, customers, PR firm & stakeholders, even potential job applicants as a massive improvement from the old site. As a result, I, along with my team, received instant recognition from the CEO himself.

What folks from Sikka Software Corporation said:

"It looks fantastic. I would put that site up against any big company site in the healthcare space.

Truly top notch work.  "

Nick S.

Senior ManagerDirector of Outside App Sales, Sikka Software Corporation

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