Site Redesign

Project summary

Tasks: Web Design
Client: Banner Software
Year: 2006


From the start, IPD Analytics wanted a website that will appeal to its core audience of researchers, medical and tech professionals, and investors. Their original site did no justice to the professionalism and superb services they offer. It was nothing more than a few pages thrown together in a very basic, non-compelling way with little to no images, as if it was done entirely in MS Word. With a client-base consist mostly of dicerning professionals, this had to change.

IPD Analytics’ original MVP site.


What the company needed was a website that looked professional, academic, and forward-thinking through the¬†use of bold biotech-themed imagery and distinctly designed section headers. Navigation was greatly simplified and improved while a very compelling¬†animated flash billboard immediately gives the user an idea of what the company is all about. Almost immediately after launch, the company started getting positive feedback and praises from its clients. The new look definitely helped improve IPD’s image.

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