Patient + Doctor Portal

Project summary

Tasks: UI/UX Design, Creative Direction
Client: Sikka Software Corporation
Year: 2015


One of the first projects I was tasked to tackle at Sikka Software was to improve the UX & UI of one of their SaaS apps, Patient Homepage. It was meant to assist providers with tasks like appointment scheduling, reminders, trigger emails, and campaigns.

From the very beginning, it was obvious that the site needed a lot of help.

The challenge

Not only did the site look outdated, it wasn’t very intuitive, compelling, or attractive. It also did not take any account analytics of its popular features, resulting in missed engagements. Most of all, analytics showed that the patient portal was mostly being accessed using mobile devices yet the site was not responsive:


In just 3 months, I lead the redesign of the UX & UI using a Bootsrap-based admin page, in collaboartion with product managers, development, marketing, and various stakeholders.

This was a complete re-imagining of the application, not just a reskin, with new and engaging features that set the stage for besting competitors, added engagement, & established a platform for future potential promotional revenue.

What folks from Sikka Software Corporation said:

"It looks fantastic. I would put that site up against any big company site in the healthcare space.

Truly top notch work.  "

Nick S.

Senior ManagerDirector of Outside App Sales, Sikka Software Corporation

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