New site – Farewell Typewriter

Project summary

Tasks: Web Design
Client: Banner Software
Year: 2010


As their popularity began to grow, Farewell Typewriter needed a site where they can feature their music, videos, and merchandize. From the onset, Farewell Typewriter had a few key requirements: Keep the site clean, simple, and easy to navigate and make it match the cd cover of their most recent release “Selfish”.


The result was a minimalistic website that’s easy to navigate. The site also integrated Picasa & Blogger feeds so that the band can utilize already existing tools to publish news, blogs, and photos. The Farewell Typewriter website was the first website I built that’s practically GOOGLE POWERED which made content easy to manage. The news section was powered by Blogger, the photos section was powered by Picasa, the video section leveraged Youtube, the mailing list was powered by Google Groups, the merchandize store was linked to Google Checkout, site analytics done by Google Analytics, and the calendar was powered by Google Calendar.

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