HP + Microsoft Microsite

Project summary

Tasks: Web Design, Visual Design, UX Design, Display Ad Design
Client: HP, Inc.
Year: 2014


Between 2013 and 2014, HP and Microsoft launched an extended very important joint campaign in support of each other’s brand and offerings. I was tasked to lead the creative design and development of this very ambitious project, from designing the architecture of a multi-page eCommerce microsite with individual product detail pages, designing and producing assets needed for the site, and managing offshore resources.

The challenge

As the days progressed and the project started taking shape, everyone soon realized that this was not going to be an easy undertaking. Challenges abound including balancing the demands and requirements of a multitude of stakeholders from both companies and beyond, each with their own (and often conflicting and shifting) agendas. This included HP Brand, UX, Microsoft stakeholders, Alliance partners, US e-Commerce store leadership, IT, Demand Gen, Marketing, and more. In addition, we we faced technical challenges and limitations, all had to be dealt with prior to a rapidly approaching deadline.


In the end, despite a few minor hiccups, logistical hurdles, & limited offshore resources, the project was hailed a success by both companies in terms of meeting the objective. The project was also touted by a Sr. HP VP during a high-level call and was praised by the CEO herself. What’s more, both companies achieved this goal in a fraction of the time and cost it would’ve taken had we gone the more traditional creative agency route.

Below are just 3 of 20+ page mocks, each with their own unique layout, that eventually made it live:

What folks from HP, Inc. said:

"I greatly enjoy working with Audie. He is a highly energetic and productive employee. He has deep expertise of hp.com web properties, branding standards and graphic design.

Audie is a hardworking employee who can take on even the most challenging projects. He understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise. He has managed several projects and teams with very successful results."

Brandeen R.

Social & Digital Marketing Program Manager , HP, Inc.

"Audie, Instant Ink is live today! I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts to refine and perfect our landing page.

Throughout the process you were patient, supportive, and your attention to detail was over the top. Thanks for being an amazing team player and ensuring that we delivered a top quality page."

Terri F.

eCommerce Product & Merchandising Manager, HP, Inc.

"Thank you Audie for your relentless efforts for (project name redacted). It couldn't have been done without your support or the quality of work that you provided.

For the steps and processes that you knew well, you gave valuable guidance; and for the times when neither you nor I knew what to do, i.e. the analytics tagging issue, you helped get the right people aligned so that we were finally able to resolve it. The microsite is looking fantastic! Thanks very much!!"

Tamara N.

Marketing Operations Manager, HP, Inc.

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