Design challenge

Project summary

Tasks: Design Challenge, Web Design,  UI/IX Design, Visual Design
Target: Terravion
Year: 2018


This was a voluntary, non-commissioned design challenge I did for Terravion, an aerial imagery company for the agriculture industry. Their SaaS-based platform allows growers to have a literal up-to-date picture of all of their fields as well as synthetic maps and analysis.

The challenge

22Terravion’s business model is solid and after digging through content, it’s clear that they are a leader in the field and have a number of compelling messaging, visuals, and content. However, the main site did not do its brand or product justice.

Key Issues identified:

  • Dated/cluttered visuals plus look and feel
  • Site was not responsive
  • Key content got buried; certain content was hard to find
  • Lacked key highlights and credibility builders.
  • Main product UI at the time looked very dated

Tap or click to zoom:


My proposal exhibited the following:

  • A more modern look and feel and cleaner layout
  • Credibility builders such as featured case studies and customers are showcased right off the bat to highlight the impact of the product to their audience’s business.
  • Utilized photos of real people/real customers to create more connection between the company and its customers
  • Modern iconography
  • An improved feature list, use case, and call to action section.


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