Design Challenge

Project summary

Tasks: Design Challenge, Web Design, Visual Design, UX Design
Target: LiftIgniter
Year: 2018


This was a design challenge I did back in August of 2018 for LiftIgniter that landed me a job as their contract UX Designer for their main product. LiftIgniter is a smart, real-time personalization platform that utilizes AI to help enterprises transform customer experiences, and presented directly to the founder of the company.

The challenge

At first glance, LiftIgniter’s website was not entirely bad;  However, it could use a facelift.

Key Issues identified:

  • Dated visuals and iconography
  • Navigation and content were cluttered and unintuitive
  • Key content got buried; certain content was hard to find
  • Compelling customer logos and case studies were buried.

Tap or click to zoom:


My proposal:

  • A more modern UI with a more representative imagery
  • Credibility builders added including a more prominent featured Case Study 
  • Used hot, glowing colors of orange and yellow that better represented the namesake.
  • A featured news strip
  • More concise copy and content
  • A more defined call to action at the bottom of the page.


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