Design challenge

Project summary

Tasks: Design Challenge, Web Design,  UI/IX Design, Visual Design
Target: Capitol Track
Year: 2018


This was a voluntary, non-commissioned design challenge I did for Capitol Track, a government sector SaaS company specializing in legislative bill trackingin the state of California.

The challenge

Capitol Track’s website was not bad per se; It was relatively clean and responsive. However, it could use a facelift.

Key Issues identified:

  • Dated visuals and iconography
  • Navigation was not intuitive
  • Key content got buried; certain content was hard to find
  • Main product UI at the time looked very dated
  • No preview of the actual product

Tap or click to zoom:


My proposal exhibited the following:

  • A more modern UI with a more representative imagery
  • Credibility builders added including stats and a featured Case Study¬†
  • Modern iconography & a serif font that is more representative of the sector.
  • Better contrast over-all
  • A preview of the actual product with a more modern UI concept.
  • A more defined call to action at the bottom of the page.


Let's connect

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