Corporate Website

Project summary

Tasks: Web Design, Visual Design, UI/UX, Host Setup, Project Management
Client: Reach Labs, Inc.
Year: 2018 Launch


In July of 2018, I was commissioned by Reach Labs, Inc. to be the principal designer for their website redesign project at  The project has turned out to be one of my most favorite projects, not just because of the technology and the people it represents but also by how we pushed ourselves creatively.

In addition to being the lead designer for this project, I was also responsible for project management and for coordinating with 3rd party design agencies and dev team.

The challenge

Reach Labs needed a site that would create a bold statement, embody the promise of their technology, express their research and design driven culture, and create a memorable brand and experience.

This meant that we had to look for creative ways to layout our pages and present information that is both informative and slightly unique, at least compared to their competitors.


We pushed ourselves creatively to achieve this goal.  First off, the bold, black and white, high contrast theme accented by cool-colored gradients and diagonal dividers set the tone. This alone, set the page apart from their competitors, making for a unique and memorable experience.
We then collaborated with Studio Treble and Scriptics for some custom animations and development support to come up with unique and interactive UIs and animations to make for a truly engaging experience that both informed and delighted.
Below is the rest of the experience:

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