Community Portal

Project summary

Tasks: UI/UX Design, Web Design, HTML/CSS
Client: Act-On Software
Year: 2017


Act-On, a major player in the marketing automation space, needed to establish a new community portal for its growing user base. I was tasked at heading the design of the new portal. A focus group was set up to determine the best design.

The site was well received by the community upon launch.

Fun fact: I also came up with the main tagline: “A space for you, powered by all.”

The challenge

This was a perfect example of a project wherein I had to work within the limitations of a publishing platform — in this case, Higher Logic.  The HL platform was powerful but very limiting with a few select fixed layout to choose from. Our design needed a bit more flexibility in terms of layout and so I had to come up with a few CSS hacks to work around this limitation.


The end result was a responsive community layout that worked within the limits of the platform in addition to meeting our requirements.

Let's connect

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