Brand Overhaul

Project summary

Tasks: Creative Direction, UI/UX Design,  Presentation Design, UI/UX, Web Design, Print Ads
Client: Sikka Software Corporation
Year: 2015


One of my mandates at Sikka was to establish a more contemporary and cohesive brand whcih involved not only the redesign of the the corporate website but also an overhaul of various marketing collateralsand event assets.

The challenge

Before I came to Sikka, the brand was noticeably outdated and fragmented.  Below are snapshots of the brand/visual language prior to my employment.

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In less than I year, I was able to help transform & elevate the company’s brand & visual language. Below are some of the results including concepts and final assets.

Purple, black, and white became the primary colors with gold as the secondary accent. At its heart is the use of polygonal/geometric texture all across the company’s assets which symbolizes interconnectivity, big data, and modernism.

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What folks from Sikka Software Corporation said:

"It looks fantastic. I would put that site up against any big company site in the healthcare space.

Truly top notch work.  "

Nick S.

Senior ManagerDirector of Outside App Sales, Sikka Software Corporation

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