Brand + Logo Design

Project summary

Tasks: Logo Design, Brand Design, Sales Deck Design
Client: Onera, Inc.
Year: 2017


In preparation for the launch of its maiden website, Onera wanted to revisit their existing logo to see if it can be improved. I was tasked at designing and developing their new site, s well as refining their sales deck so this was a perfect opportunity to align and modernize the brand.

The challenge

Onera’s logo is reflective of the brand. The previous logo needed a thorough re-examination to determine its strength and weakness. The ‘box’ represented stock boxes relevant to their industry. The simple, flat and geometric design generally gives this design a contemporary feel. However, it presented a few potential issues down the road:


  • It was not compatible with grayscale or monochrome presentation
  • It presented color clash and contrast issues
  • The treatment at the time appeared dated
  • It was apparent that the graphic itself was not truly unique


Using very minimal tweaks to preserve its existing identity, the Onera logo was transformed by merely outlining the polygonal sides of the ‘box’ and limiting the colors used. The result: A more modern logo design that is preserved the original brand identity but compatible with various backgrounds, print methods, and applications.

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