App Iconography

Project summary

Tasks: Iconography, Creative Direction, Logo Design
Client: Sikka Software Corporation
Year: 2015


As part of my work at Sikka, I was tasked at unifying product design & updating what has been a fragmented & dated set of product iconography. These products included web/SasS apps as well as mobile apps.

First, here are the legacy iconography prior to my arrival:


After a careful look at the nature, function, and purpose of each app, I came up with a few concepts that were modern & branded (purple = corp colors). In addition, I used iconography that better represented the true nature of each app.

What folks from Sikka Software Corporation said:

"It looks fantastic. I would put that site up against any big company site in the healthcare space.

Truly top notch work.  "

Nick S.

Senior ManagerDirector of Outside App Sales, Sikka Software Corporation

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