Alphay Package Design

Project summary

Tasks: Print – Package Design
Client: Alphay International via Mindslap, Inc.
Year: 2016


I was subcontracted by MindSlap Inc. to re-design the bottle packaging for a series of vitamin supplements by Alphay International. Previous designs for this line seem dated and disconnected. Alphay has established a brand built around the concept of zen and the elements and this design needed to reflect that. In addition, the design must be suitable for the U.S. market as well as allow compatibility with 8 product lines/bottles. This included color coding per existing style guide.


Taking inspiration from Alphay’s brand, I came up with a design that utlized both modern and ancient styles which included the yin-yang to represent balance and harmony, slanted streaks aligning with elements from the Alphay site, zen brush strokes, minimal design, and modern iconography. The result was packaging the client was happy with

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