Projects I’ve worked with

Just some of the folks and projects I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Big Brands 

HP, Inc.

eCommerce store, landing pages, microsites, display ads, campaign, branding, banners, email

Microsoft, Inc. + HP

microsite, campaign

Intel Corp. + HP

display ads, campaign, banners


display ads, Spore campaign, banners

Dreamworks + HP

display ads, Shrek/Lorax/Monsters vs Aliens campaign, banners

Warner Bros. + HP

landing page, Sex & the City campaign, banners


display ads, “The computer is personal again” campaign, banners

Beats by Dr. Dre + HP

landing page, display ads, Beats campaign, banners

Teen Vogue + HP

landing page, “Haute Spot” campaign, display ads, banners

Yahoo + HP

display ad beta testing

Tech, SaaS, and Software

Act-On Software

web properties, branding & creative, display ads, banners, print, digital assets, infographics, email, video anim, presentation/sales decks, booth.

Sikka Software

web properties, branding & creative direction, product design/UI/UX (SaaS/mobile app), digital assets, booth, email

Reach Labs

website design, visual design, branding & creative direction, digital assets, print, presentation deck, project management

Onera, Inc.

website design, visual design, branding & creative direction, logo design, animation, sales deck


SaaS UX design, homepage design

Bright Pattern

Booth design


whitepaper, datasheet


sales deck (Google Slides)


online partner portal, asset creation, web design

Mediaring, Inc.

website design, landing pages, visual design, voizfone & voiznet VoIP products


website redesign, visual design, asset production

Aeroprise (Acquired by BMC)

website redesign, branding & creative direction, product design/UI/UX (blackberry app UI), banners

Why Not Creations, Inc.

Blackbox Software QA

DoDots, Inc.

Blackbox Software QA, flash

Manufacturing, Media, & Health

Tranax Technologies

web properties, web design, coldfusion development, branding & creative direction, ATM/Interactive Kiosk UI/UX design, print, booth, presentation decks, event, signage

US Minecorp

website redesign via Tactical MA

L2 Affairs/The Wedplan

email design via Tactical MA

Alphay International

Package design via Mindslap Media

Strongbrook Group

landing page design via Mindslap Media

PHS Mobile Health

email design via Tactical MA

Design Challenges


homepage design

TBM, Inc.

display/social ads

Capitol Track

homepage design

Legal, Social Services, Government

IPD Analytics

website redesign, project management

Susan Halldin for Schoolboard

website design

Mid Peninsula Housing Coalition

youth computer instruction

Agency partners & collaboration

Tactical Marketing Automation

website design, email design, branding & creative direction


Sikka project collaboration


HP eComm/campaign collaboration


HP eComm/campaign email collaboration

Critical Mass

HP eComm/campaign collaboration

Zeta interactive

HP eComm/campaign collaboration

Mindslap Media

landing page design/package design collaboration

Scriptics Decisions

website development collaboration

Other past projects 

  • Little Red Wagon Studios
  • Banner Software/Datatect
  • Marisma
  • Rocklin Jr. Revolution Soccer
  • Ocean Medical Clinic
  • Farewell Typewriter
  • School of Drums
  • Los Gatos Panthers Youth Hockey
  • Boogiewear
  • Bliss

Let's connect

Email me at audie(dot)roldan(at)gmail(dot)com or connect with me via social media.